Supply Expense Management Application

Medical Purchasing Company

Business Challenge

Make sense of massive amounts of data to gain insight into supply expense performance.

Created manually, internal reports were published in a large Excel spreadsheet, creating an overwhelming and incomprehensible volume of metrics and data. The client needed to automatically consolidate reporting to be consistent with existing measurements, but also provide click-through analytics, trending visualizations, and rapid identification of financial variances.

Our Strategy & Approach

Pandera approached the analytics package in the same manner that users would interface with the data. We wanted to identify which key issues drive the business, and how the users referenced existing data sources in the supply expense analytics. Once a decomposition pattern was established, we referenced existing reports, ensuring no decomposition patterns had been overlooked, and that each screen was laid out in an intuitive, easy-to-understand format.

The Solution

The screens range from enterprise-wide reporting to line item-level purchase history. This allowed users to quickly decompose supply expenses at any level: facility, department, product category, and item. With this application:

  • 19 screens, with various time, user, and facility contexts, were customized for all instances across the 600+ user group

  • Included a SaaS option, with integrated data consulting services

  • Showed within seconds trends, outliers and variances and actioned for resolution

The Results

The results have yet to be determined. Project will conclude in Q2 2014.