Student Analytics

Private College

Business Challenge

Gaining a comprehensive view of the Student Life Cycle to drive change, directing a student toward success.

With the over-emphasis on GPA and test scores, this higher education institution lacked transparency and visibility when analyzing student-related information such as campus life, student employment, housing, education path, and other attributes. To increase retention and graduation rates, information needed to be user-friendly and compiled in an understandable and meaningful way.

Our Strategy & Approach

By combining multiple factors of the students’ experience, our strategy was to provide a clear and distinct analytical path to help identify a student’s best path to success. We accomplished this by defining algorithms that predicted success throughout the student’s educational journey, correlated with patterns of successful students, and analyzing additional factors (engagement on campus, housing patterns, student employment, etc.).

The Solution

Pandera developed the Education Analytics application which identified patterns in the undergraduate experience that correlated with graduation.

Rather than mere report generator, the Education Analytics app created a convergence of meaningful information, focusing on solving business problems, and enabling leaders to effect positive change based on facts rather than assumptions or instincts. The application identified:

  • Target metrics of success

  • Qualities of a successful student prior to enrollment

  • Early warning signs that helped reduce transfers/withdrawals

The Results

Pandera Education Analytics was placed in production for the 2014 semester, and the college is expecting a double-digit reduction in transfers/withdrawals because of the increased visibility and analytical accuracy of the application.