Outpatient Provider Quality (OPPQ)

Caldwell Hospital

Business Challenge

Implement a game-changing process for viewing and receiving data needed for meaningful reports.

In order to improve outcomes and increase insurance reimbursement with quality and accountability initiatives, Caldwell leadership needed to gather, verify, and assimilate data from multiple sources. Their current method of data assimilation was inefficient, and exhaustive effort was required to view and receive the data necessary for meaningful reports.

Our Strategy & Approach

Our strategy was to consolidate reporting into a single-location dashboard. This dashboard provided insight into quality-based metrics with detail-level analytics showing disease universe, and permitted users to drill down to facility, caregiver and patient-level data. The ability to make meaningful identification of the specific cases, behaviors, and outcomes was required to increase reimbursement from healthcare insurers.

The Solution

Pandera developed a 4-level application that provided summary, disease, disease sub-domain and patient-detail information.

Caldwell Memorial was able to take preventive actions with outpatient care providers that were inconsistently administering care; thereby increasing insurer reimbursements. The application:

  • Reduced reporting lag time from 90 days down to 2 days

  • Made data easier to digest via the interactive dashboard vs. previous static Excel exports

  • Improved patient care by recording more accurate and meticulous records

The Results

The results will be available once the screens have finished going through client UAT, and rolled-out to the user group.