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Building Your BI Roadmap

This week we hosted our healthcare webinar educating our audience on how to build their BI roadmap. We believe creating a BI roadmap provides the framework for how business intelligence and analytics can be applied to specific challenges faced in the healthcare industry. As healthcare entities develop their long–term corporate vision, they are challenged with seeking avenues for continuous improvements to meet their patients’ needs as well as ensuring compliance with evolving government mandates and payment reform models. Building your BI roadmap can be broken down into the following steps:

1) Business Intelligence Strategy:
We want to make sure we are always meeting performance, business, and operational objectives.
2) Assess Your BI Landscape:
The initial building block that outlines the direction of the project, and confirms that it is in alignment with stakeholder goals and objectives.
3) Qualify Your Problems:
Identify and discuss key reporting areas for viability, adoptability, and ease of implementation.
4) Prioritize Your Actions:
The key to ensuring your organization is tackling high impact areas first.
5) Track Your Progress:
Your BI success will rely heavily on creating and maintaining a data governance strategy within your organization.
6) Measure Your Success:
Establish measurable goals to ensure analytical applications and reporting solutions drive performance and increase efficiency.

We have developed a methodology to assess current state data and business intelligence (BI) capability and thereby provide recommendations for a robust BI data reporting solution to meet healthcare clinical, operational and financial needs. Download our Whitepaper to learn about our recommended solution.

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