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Big Moves by Big Players Highlight Big Cloud Data Warehouse Trends

Last and early this week some of the largest players in the game of enterprise technologies made big moves in the form of either acquisitions or partnerships in an effort to effectively position themselves and their customers for the future. As data sources, complexity, and demands for insights continue to rise at a rapid pace there is one thing becoming crystal clear; cloud data warehouses are essential. Successful forward thinking organizations are demanding single sources of the truth that can handle and aggregate their data while boasting advanced analytic services on the fly for every user, all the time. These acquisitions and partnerships that have been established speak to certain parts in the link of data storage, accessibility, analysis, and visualization. 

While many people are aware of these links, few tools are full stack thus making it impossible to accomplish them from end to end without either a seemingly endless technology budget or high latency. That is, until these players have started joining forces to help accomplish their clients goals across the entire chain via cloud data warehouse integrations. 

Much like a game of chess, these service and technology partners are positioning themselves for the next wave of enterprise analytics. Beyond the providers, companies are also making moves within these new offerings that will put them in a position to checkmate their competition. So, the obvious next question is, who are these players and what moves are they making? In short, these big movers are attempting to bring complementary tools either in house or into partnership in an effort to allow their clients to achieve a never before seen level of insight discovery and delivery by linking the essential pieces of the chain together via cloud data warehouses. 

Google Cloud acquires Looker


Google Cloud Platform offers customers highly scalable cloud data warehouses with an integrated suite of cloud services that can ingest, cleanse, process, aggregate and then analyze data in real time. The acquisition of Looker extends their business analytic offering in two important categories.

The first, data governance. Looker allows users to define business metrics one time and then maintain consistency across data sources. This makes it easy for anyone to query data and utilize consistent definitions within their calculations – ensuring all teams get accurate results.

The second, Looker boasts a powerful platform that delivers use-case specific BI applications and embedded analytic products to collaborate on business decisions. Building upon the robust looker product and application portfolio allows GCP to focus on delivering industry specific analytic solutions within their key verticals at a global scale.

“By combining our BigQuery data warehouse with extended BI and visualization tools from Looker, we’ll be empowered with faster, more actionable data insights that will help drive our business forward and better serve our customers.” – Heather Brunner, Chairwoman and CEO, WP Engine.

Beyond the two boasts in functionality with the acquisition of Looker, the announcement speaks to GCP’s strategic commitment to multi-cloud functionality for the enterprise. Looker’s ability to aggregate data from SaaS applications like Salesforce and Marketo as well as traditional cloud and on prem data warehouses brings an extra punch to GCP and will prove to be a robust data management and analytics solution for years to come.


Google Cloud partners with Snowflake


Google Cloud Platform and Snowflake have partnered up to allow organizations to take advantage of Snowflake’s modern data warehouse architecture built for the cloud on GCP. Why is this a big deal? Beyond access to near infinite, low-cost storage; improved scalability; the outsourcing of data warehousing management and security to cloud vendor; and the potential to personalize storage and compute resources from day to day reflecting reduced costs; the partnership also allows organizations to take advantage of GCP’s advanced analytic and machine learning solutions.


Snowflake partners with Thoughtspot


Snowflake and Thoughtspot have announced their partnership that allows organizations to further their cloud strategy by enabling them to run search and AI driven analytic workloads directly in existing databases without the need to move or cache any data. Much like the functionality of GCP tools, thoughtspot efficiently gives everyday business users the ability to quickly leverage their existing data in the cloud without being or relying upon data professionals.

Salesforce acquires Tableau


As Salesforce is the World’s largest CRM solution it is no secret that there are invaluable insights to be capitalized upon within each of their enterprise accounts. Their acquisition of Tableau allows those insights to be discovered at a faster and cheaper rate than ever before. This acquisition is a prime example of customers demanding advanced insights and visualizations for the business users that need it most. According to Salesforce “With Tableau, Salesforce will play an even greater role in driving digital transformation, enabling companies around the world to tap into data across their entire business and surface deeper insights to make smarter decisions, drive intelligent, connected customer experiences and accelerate innovations.


It is important to realize that these moves are all aligned in the goal of providing full stack solutions to their customers as they come to need quicker and more advanced analytic capabilities. Through a single source of the truth, personalized elasticity for compute and storage, and the ability to quickly access advanced analytic capabilities, organizations are given the ability to position themselves for the future. But, like a game of chess, if you don’t see all the pieces at play, it can be extremely risky, troublesome, and detrimental to move at all. That’s where we come in. Pandera Systems has years of expertise with these players and a robust portfolio of successful analytic initiatives with some of the world’s leading enterprises. We understand the innovative options and pride ourselves on understanding your unique business needs to then recommend and implement the correct solutions.


To learn more about Pandera Systems, our success stories, or how to start your transformation journey today, please reach out to With the right mentality and focus, Pandera can help you make the correct move and position your organization as a business of tomorrow.



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