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Big Data and Cloud Services Success in Global Expansion

Moving to a reliable enterprise cloud solution for MicroStrategy is much more complex than moving servers to the Cloud. Pandera has hosted a magnitude of clients that require in-depth ETL work, security, authentication, and network requirements, all of which take thorough planning to do correctly.

Domtar, a long-time client, recently sought to build a true enterprise environment that allowed the business to focus on utilizing MicroStrategy to its’ full potential while not having to worry about infrastructure or growth. To provide a smooth migration, our ETL specialists analyzed and made sense of the data which allowed for crucial reports to provide the daily answers the business relies upon. We also gained an in-depth understanding of the security needs from the businesses perspective, in order to  provide a custom solution to meet their unique needs.

This was all layered on-top of a global network scaled to provide reporting to any part of the business without latency or reports taking time to access data. To maintain a successful environment, it must be monitored 24/7 and things as small as a security patch must go through testing before being implemented.

The end result was a cost savings for our client of over 40% in infrastructure and labor, while maintaining a higher level of performance and quality than when infrastructure was maintained internally. We focus on the environments with client success as the #1 goal, giving our clients the ability to free up resources and focus on their critical business goals.

View Case Study: Domtar Corporation’s Big Data & Cloud Services Success in Global Expansion


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