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An Oracle Discoverer Conversion Success Story

How we transitioned a $2.3B company from Oracle Discoverer to Microstrategy in order to implement a Self Service BI environment


This client is an internationally recognized casual dining restauraunt chain with yearly revenues exceeding $2.3 Billion. They currently boast 60,000+ employees and 705 unique restauraunt locations across the US and Canada.

The Challenge

With this being an extremely established business it is no surprise that their BI environment would be robust. What does come as a surprise, however, is the lack of functionality for its end users.

With 300 users, and over 5,000 reports ran, distributed, and consumed daily an efficient solution to their reporting needs was necessary in order to positively impact their bottom line

Traditional BI data structures were too slow and boasted too much latency. On top of that, the lack of EBS module synergies hindered their forecasting, planning, and analysis which in turn inhibited the concept of an agile Self-Service BI environment. With Discoverer support’s end impending this company made the strategic decision to part ways with their outdated technology and upgrade to a modern analytics platform.

Our Strategy

We began by simply asking the correct user-oriented questions. Who was our ultimate user? What were their unique pain points? By digging into those conversations it was clear that a lack of interoperability plagued their organization’s growth. We also demised that it was time-consuming to connect the dots between modules without understanding how to write Oracle statements. Pandera is focused on cultivating corporate DNA and engineering decision-making environments that mobilize business intelligence and immerse employees in knowledge. Through this phase of the project, we decided upon our user requirements:

  • Remove dependency on Noetix subscription based views
  • Provide Self-Service reporting in Real-Time environment
  • Ability to create views that simulate dimensional models


Our Objective

Taking those challenges and specific business needs into account we defined our project objectives to be:

  • Seamless data flow across different silo’d modules
  • User education and ultimately adoption of new reporting software
  • NO ETL or data movement. Ensure real-time reporting (No Latency)
  • Enable retrospective BI analytics with operational views to drive our new intelligent enterprise

 Our Solution

As we grew our understanding of our client’s specific processes we evaluated many tools that could seamlessly convert existing discoverer reports 1 to 1. We ultimately decided that MicroStrategy was the appropriate software solution to their problem due to the following:

  • Boasted simplicity of use yet a robust backend to innovate on vs. a report generator
  • Integrates a common security architecture across all module uses and users
  • Automated report distribution capabilities
  • Ease of use with Office add-ins
  • The use of MicroStrategy “as a platform” that connects to warehouses and operational applications


Oracle Discoverer Migration to MicroStrategy

The Outcome

Through our meticulous attention to detail, we were able to transition this organization from thousands of disconnected discoverer reports seen through many Noetix views to an intuitive semantic layer driven self-service and connected reporting ecosystem.




Does this sound similar to problems your organization is facing? Do you have general questions about your Business Intelligence infrastructure that you are looking to get answered? Feel free to fill out the form on the right of this page or contact us as it would be our pleasure to offer guidance through these endeavors.

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