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Adding a D3 Visualization to MicroStrategy 10 in Under 60 Seconds

Now in MicroStrategy 10, any D3 visualization can be added – especially the ones that users have already shared to the MicroStrategy GitHub library.

Can you copy? Yes? Can you paste? Yes?

Do you have write access to the plugins folder on the web server? Okay, maybe not.

But if you do, then follow the steps in this 60-second video to add visualizations that other people have already coded for use in MicroStrategy. If you don’t have write access, still watch the video, and then show it to the person who manages the MicroStrategy Web Server (and make sure he/she knows how to copy and paste).

To shop around for already coded visualizations, have a look in the MicroStrategy GitHub Library. Make sure to pick one that is useful, not one that’s fancy for the sake of being fancy.

Those already-coded D3 visualizations can be found here. To find a screenshot of a visualization and evaluate if it does what you need, browse to the style\images\screenshot.png to get a preview of the visualization you’ll be adding.

You can add any visualization from D3. Admittedly, porting the visualizations from D3 takes some coding work. Feel free to do it yourself, or contact us at Pandera to help you prepare ANY D3 visualization for use in MicroStrategy 10.

Have fun, and last but not least, pick the right graph type for the type of analysis you’re doing!

Pandera also offers a MicroStrategy Visualization Best Practices Training Class if you’d like additional training with selection and graphic design of your dashboard visualizations.

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