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4 Keys for a Cultural Shift Into Digital Transformation

The decision to move forward with a digital transformation is a big one to say the least. Aside from the time and resources required to take on such a challenge, there will be an undeniable and deliberate impact to the way your people work. The correct motivation for a digital transformation should be to better serve your employees. Keep in mind who this transformation is meant to assist and have a plan to transition your people into the digital age. Check out these 4 tips to keep in mind throughout your transformation process.

Have and Share Your Vision

As mentioned above, the whole reason for a digital transformation to take place is to evolve the way your people do business. Having a vision for what this looks like in terms of capabilities and culture impact is essential to stay on course. If you don’t clearly see where the business is heading, how can you expect your employees to? Being able to articulate how your teams will interact with these new techs and insights is vital for organizational buy-in.

Define and Document Your Goals

Vision is great, but technical specifications and timelines are essential to stay on course for any project. The effort spent defining product specifications needs to be matched defining entirely new roles, training requirements for existing roles, individual accomplishment goals etc. Your well thought out and detailed solution design will act as your roadmap to success and excite teams as you begin deployment.

Implement Your Plan

As your transformation moves forward it is time to implement what you laid out in your vision and requirements. Stay the course and stick to the implementation plan. Problems do arise though, so correct course and head towards that end vision state.

Measure, Monitor and Innovate

Once implemented, it is time to see how your vision is coming together. Keep in mind, failure is essential in technology as a whole; so iterations and adaptations are required to continuously innovate. This will be a never ending process as you are on a journey to perfection which can never be achieved.

Through your newfound insights you will have the opportunity to evolve by steering focus and resources to many different key deficiencies of your business. Be deliberate and lay out a plan for your businesses optimization. We understand this is a daunting and technical yet essential piece of business growth so we have made it our mission to evolve strategies and measuring systems to make success predictable. To chat more about how Pandera can help evolve not only your business technologies and strategies but your culture as well reach out today.


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