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4 Key moments to interact with your audience

Many Organizations attempt to create a seamless buying experience for their customers. But, many skip a simple yet critical step in defining the key moments of their customers buying journey. When it comes to delivering an experience, it is essential to understand what stage the customer is in, and what content will be relevant to them at that exact moment. To do this, we believe in defining then delivering content based on 4 key moments.


To Know


At this stage, your future customer has more than likely seen a commercial or piece of content that has sparked their interest. They are simply searching to learn more about what the offering is not necessarily to buy. At this point, the buyer does not want to be hard sold but rather they want useful information to inspire them to make the purchase. 


To Go


This situation can be tricky for some online only retailers, but this moment is simply when someone searches for a physical location to touch or purchase a product. Realizing what the person is looking for and verifying their need is in a physical presence at a location within a reasonable proximity is key at this moment. 


To Buy


Your customer has decided that it is time to buy. At this moment they are looking for guidance on how or what to buy specifically. Understanding this moment and what your customer is looking for will allow you to seal the deal with the correct content. 


To Do

At this stage, your customer is attempting to do something new. They are looking for guidance on how to accomplish their task or utilize your product. Delivering clear and concise direction at this step may turn a shopper into a customer or reduce customer dissonance for one that already has made the purchase.


Empowering people with the correct content at the right time is the name of the game. Understanding these different moments and the situational factors that can help determine them ie. location, time, device etc. allows you to provide the correct value at each “Moment” 

To learn more about how to deliver a seamless buying experience across all steps of your customers buying journey through dynamic content delivery please reach out to 


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