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Your Data and Analytics Modernization Partner

Our collaborative partnership delivers Pandera’s enterprise, industry and technology expertise, coupled with Google Cloud’s innovative technologies. We bring business and data solutions together in powerful combinations and help accelerate modernization through the cloud.

Pandera GCP Partner

Data Modernization

Modernize your data platform to unlock the full value of your data while reducing costs and accelerate data-driven decision making.

Analytics Modernization

Transform how your organization consumes and leverages information for data-driven decision making.

AI/ML Enablement

Learn how AI/ML can transform your business. Identify the best opportunities and bring your AI/ML initiatives to production.


Strategic consulting
and engineering services

We help you drive innovation through our end to end services that provide your organization with the strategic direction and technical expertise to maximize the full potential of your data.

Cloud Services

We provide you with strategic direction and a tactical approach for your cloud adoption across public, private, and hybrid environments.

Analytics Services

We help you leverage the essence of data analysis and delivery to help you understand new opportunities and drive impactful business outcomes.

Application Development

We help deliver highly customized products that improve business value. Our application development services span across mobile, web and cloud.

Data Management

We help you modernize and organize your data repositories into meaningful information to help create a single version of the truth.

Data Science

We help you better understand your customers, personalize the customer experience, automate, as well as improve business processes.

Managed Services

We take care of your everyday infrastructure and platform management needs so your IT team can focus on driving other critical business initiatives.


Plan your Data Modernization Initiative with Confidence

Our certified experts provide strategic guidance around Google Cloud implementation that meets your unique data requirements, optimizes costs and takes into account your need to scale and innovate.

You can expect a validated cloud data strategy and long-term roadmap that addresses the potential challenges you may encounter, and your desire to get more from your cloud investment.

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How Road Scholar optimized their customer experience evaluation through ML


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