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Welcome to the team! Our newest members…

We are only as good as our people, which is why Pandera seeks out the brightest talent and highly skilled experts.  We are proud to be recognized by so many educational and professional institutions as “the place to work“, and the company to do business with. Every dedicated professional on our team makes a vital impact by contributing their expertise to initiatives throughout the organization, and improving the efficiency of Pandera’s industry-leading Enterprise Decision Automation (EDA) applications.  We are excited to welcome our most recent recruits!

- Sesh Balamurugesan, BI Developer
- Dennis Summers, Sr. BI Developer
- Parsa Shams, BI Developer
- Michael Lilly, BI Developer
- Jill Shuberg, Digital Content Manager
- Angela Swindell, UI/UX Designer
- Stuti Pareek, BI Developer
- Suhasini (Sue) Pratapagiri , Sr. BI Developer

Pandera Corporate Beliefs: #1

Our organization shares a common focus, purpose, and core values that we believe is the greatest determining factor to our success. It’s  our principles and beliefs that foster an innovative, collaborative culture and attracts clients who share many of the same values.

Greg Arndall, Senior Director of Strategy & Growth, expresses the value of Pandera corporate belief #11, “We hold each other’s feet to the fire, and we excel as a team.” , this way: “We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation as the go-to advisor and partner for many of today’s market leaders. Clients trust us to deliver what and when we say, and to make the project and every stakeholder successful. The best intentions are sometimes not enough, we must do whatever it takes to deliver on every commitment. This requires challenging ourselves and each other to achieve more than expected; nothing less than our best… every time”.

Pandera Corporate Beliefs: #11

Our organization shares a common focus, purpose, and core values that we believe is the greatest determining factor to our success. It’s  our principles and beliefs that foster an innovative, collaborative culture and attracts clients who share many of the same values.

Pandera corporate belief #11 affirms  “We humbly recognize that any success is a gift, and the fruit of hard work, dedication and sacrifice.”  Joshua Sutton, Senior Director of Solution Strategy, explains “Our unique approach resonated with business decision makers from the very start, and Pandera continues to experience tremendous growth and success. However, as we recruit new talent and the organization expands, it’s important that all team members appreciate our opportunities, and understand that they are the result of many  months of hard work. Our future success will depend on the continued extraordinary effort and commitment to excellence by everyone at Pandera”.

Don’t miss Pandera and Parallon at MicroStrategy Boston Users Group

Dr. Michael Taylor, BI Director from HCA Parallon, will join Joshua Sutton from Pandera Systems to discuss the successful strategy, design and delivery of Parallon’s award winning Revenue Cycle Management application.  Make plans to join them for a great learning luncheon on Wednesday, August 21st at Del Frisco’s of Boston.

Register for the event now at:

Pandera to expand Atlanta office in 2013

Pandera continues to out-pace the competition by providing innovative solutions to address the challenges of decision driven organizations. We are excited to announce the expansion of our Atlanta office with the addition of business development, product marketing, and business innovation services along with essential operational functions to support global expansion.We are excited about the upcoming expansion of this regional operations hub and the opportunities it offers for Pandera and our clients. We’re not slowing down, and we’re not looking back!

MicroStrategy provides real-time user presence with Cisco’s UCP

MicroStrategy is integrating Cisco’s UC platform to enable embedded video conferencing in applications. Read more about how these platform enhancements can improve operations in several ways.

Tell us how this technology can improve operations for you.

How the “Big 5” and their imitators missed with “Big Data”

As the big names in BI struggled to redefine and repackage traditional BI solutions to stimulate new demand, they left business managers confused and holding back in search of partners to provide clarity and convincing value. According to Gartner, this contributed to the lack of growth in the BI market last year.–confusion-damaged-bi-market-in-2012–gartner-finds

Pandera Systems is winning confidence back with our unique understanding of the evolution in BI. We’re focused on identifying opportunities to optimize processes and modify behaviors affecting organizational decisioning, then building Enterprise Decision Automation (EDA) application suites to align and enable effective decision making.  This delivers measurable business ROI.

What questions or concerns do you have about improving decision management and driving commercial value?

Don’t miss out on our no-cost BI performance audit

Pandera Human Process Optimization (HPO), is the proven methodology from Pandera Systems that facilitates crucial behavior and process changes necessary to improve organizational effectiveness, and create sustainable performance. Recent HPO customer results include:

  • Estimated 1400% ROI in improved sales margin
  • Expected 7% sales improvement
  • Identified opportunity to recover 13% sales team 
lost time

For a limited time, Pandera is offering organizations expert analysis of current processes and systems, at no charge. Click this link to find out more about Pandera HPO offerings, or submit a request to get your no-cost audit now:

Pandera significant strategic contribution award for Q2 2013 – Chris Lilly and Eric Rambow

Congratulations to Chris Lilly and Eric Rambow for sharing the Significant Strategic Contribution award for the second quarter of 2013!  These two Pandera professionals stood out amongst their peers for providing Pandera with a new deliverable, globally reusable asset, or significant process improvement. They brought new innovation to Pandera and a new way of thinking in the form of technical and functional guidance, as well as leadership on a valuable pilot application. Chris and Eric combined expertise to produce technical assets and documentation that can be leveraged to provide immediate value for other clients. Their exceptional work will contribute to our reusable, marketable product architectures.

Pandera top employee award for Q2 2013 – “Sai” Saireddygari

Congratulations to Sainath R. Saireddygari for being voted as the Employee of the Quarter, for the second quarter of 2013!  Sai exemplifies what team leadership is all about, he takes the initiative and puts in extra effort to ensure project requirements are met and delivery is on time. His positive attitude and character makes him an easy fit into any team, and a great asset to the Pandera organization. We are pleased to recognize Sai’s outstanding contribution to our success and the success of our clients.