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It’s Time to Reflect and Predict

It’s that time of year folks. A time for reflection on the year that passed all too quickly while planning for 2015.


What lies ahead for 2015 is anyone’s guess.

  • Where do we land regarding Meaningful Use Stage 2?
  • Will we ever implement ICD10?
  • What is going to happen to the Accountable Care Act under the newly elected GOP leadership?

Speculations abound on all sides of the issues. Where they fall out will be a mixture of political sway, AMA influence and the American Hospital Association wielding their powers. Each has a major stake in the outcomes so it will be interesting how they all position themselves – whether in alignment or opposition to reach an end.

It doesn’t seem to matter who you talk to, it’s clear that all the strategic plans release for 2015 include data analytics as a priority. Over the last several years, the Healthcare industry has finally discovered what an incredible asset the data collected is for society.

This is not just about population health and enabling interoperability. New care paths and treatment plans are being developed daily by tapping into transactional clinical data. Process efficiencies for revenue cycle and supply chain management have been identified to lower costs and better manage reimbursement models for hospitals and physician groups. Aggregating claims and outcome data can now pinpoint high dollar areas of opportunity to lower the cost of care to millions of patients every year. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

I for one am excited about what 2015 will bring and the advancements we will see in healthcare. From the looks of it, I am not the only one. Check out just a few of the articles out now about what is on the roadmap for the coming year.


Happy NEW Year!

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