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Experiential Learning: The Best Way to Learn New Technical Skills

How did you learn to walk? If you are having trouble remembering, it’s likely because you never sat with a book in front of you that outlined in technical detail the process of walking. You learned through trying, falling, trying again, and experiencing walking first hand. This is the way we learn, the way we commit things long term to memory. It’s called experiential learning.

This is as true for complex tasks as it is for simple things like walking or talking.

But how do we continue this trend into adulthood and our professional careers? ‘Hello World’ doesn’t really satisfy the experiential itch, and technical manuals do not entice people to learn long term. We continue to learn and become experts in areas we can get hands-on, break things, try again, and finally succeed. It is through these experiences that you can develop continuing skills, and stay relevant in an ever-changing technology world.


Joshua Sutton, Pandera founder and CEO recently guest authored an article for ITProPortal describing this problem and the solution in detail: Fostering Experiential Learning Through Technology


That’s where ECO comes in.

Pandera created ECO to help mobilize your organization by giving you access to on-demand infrastructure, independent of mission critical systems.

  • Experiential Learning: What do you get when industry and technology experts get together to tackle the problem of continuous education? Hands-on training with real world scenarios, in cutting-edge platforms, leveraging the power of cloud technology so its available anytime, anywhere.
  • Toolkits: ECO’s toolkits are pre-loaded with standards, best practices, scenario-based examples, and design accelerators, enabling you to hit the ground running with confidence in the technology of your choice.
  • Community: Updates, questions, guidance and support, it’s all there in the community, where experts are ready to guide and support novices.

Read more about the benefits of experiential learning at



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