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How We Helped an Urgent Care Succeed in 4 Steps

Learn how our healthcare application, Resultz™, helped an Urgent Care center with better operational effectiveness and higher patient satisfaction. “This is truly innovative and one step ahead. The color coding makes it simple and informative enough to allow for immediate corrective action.” – Dr. Piper Moore, Center Manager at MEDcare Urgent Care.

1.  Created a more positive patient experience
By implementing real-time monitoring of exit surveys, we facilitated an Urgent Care center in tracking patient satisfaction with their physician, length of the visit, level of customer service they received, and how likely they are to recommend the center. With this information the clinic is continually able to evaluate areas of improvement and implement necessary changes to exceed patient expectations beyond the medical norm.

2.  Promoted team collaboration and communication
Our application promoted a collaborative learning environment for physicians to engage in peer learning, sharing valuable insights and helping each team member excel. Individuals are able to establish best practices and transform their personal weaknesses into strengths. The Urgent Care center was able to implement a reward system to recognize employees that exceed expectations.

3.  Streamlined scheduling process
We created a simplified scheduling system for shift schedules for physicians to balance their personal and work life. Medical Officers are able to monitor the number of hours that team members are scheduled and unnecessary overtime.

4.  Tracked success
The bottom line – through identifying and understanding best key performance indicators, they now know how to utilize and apply them effectively. By evaluating personal and peer performance and understanding strengths and weaknesses, physicians and clinic operators were able to focus on areas of improvement, establish best practices, thus improving patient outcomes and satisfaction, as well as overall operations of the Urgent Care Center.

Learn more about Resultz™ at and how it elevated performance of employees, physicians, and patient satisfaction increased.

How the “Big 5” and their imitators missed with “Big Data”

As the big names in BI struggled to redefine and repackage traditional BI solutions to stimulate new demand, they left business managers confused and holding back in search of partners to provide clarity and convincing value. According to Gartner, this contributed to the lack of growth in the BI market last year.–confusion-damaged-bi-market-in-2012–gartner-finds

Pandera Systems is winning confidence back with our unique understanding of the evolution in BI. We’re focused on identifying opportunities to optimize processes and modify behaviors affecting organizational decisioning, then building Enterprise Decision Automation (EDA) application suites to align and enable effective decision making.  This delivers measurable business ROI.

What questions or concerns do you have about improving decision management and driving commercial value?

Enterprise Decision Automation® Unlocks Performance Potential

Pandera Enterprise Decision Automation® (EDA) is a powerful decisioning suite that streamlines operations, aligns management controls, and instills accuracy and predictability in the organizational decision hierarchy. How much more effective would your organization be with a single platform for performance leadership and decision continuity?  Tell us your biggest challenge to effective decisioning.

HealthTrust – 2013 Gartner BI Excellence Awards Finalist

We would like to extend a big congratulations to HealthTrust on being named one of this year’s finalist for the Gartner BI & Analytics Excellence Awards. The Gartner BI & Analytics Excellence Awards highlight world-class BI, Analytics and Performance Management initiatives and their successes, challenges and insights. The three finalists presented their world-class business intelligence, analytics and performance management initiatives at the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit in Grapevine, TX.

Two More “Don’t Miss” Sessions at MicroStrategy World

With MicroStrategy World only days away, and so many tracks and speaking sessions to choose from, be sure to add Parallon Business Solution’s Leveraging MicroStrategy Mobile to Build a Successful Revenue Cycle Management App and HealthTrust Purchasing Group’s Using Analytics to Optimize Supply Chain Spend to your schedule now.  Both sessions promise to inform and inspire you.

Dr. Michael Taylor, Manager of BI at Parallon will be presenting how their first mobile application helped obtain their first client by developing a Revenue Cycle Management application.  Hearing about Parallon′s journey from a “green field” to a mobile success story will surely inspire others to leverage the mobile app development platform to deliver detailed and integrated analysis of financial information to their end user communities.

Patrick Lowry and Kendall Adkins, HealthTrust Purchasing Group’s Directors of Business Solutions and Technology Innovation respectively, will shed some light on how using the MicroStrategy SaaS solution has helped to contiguously identify, assess, and track savings opportunities while creating a supply chain community centered on data-driven decisions.

Whether it is leveraging mobile or using analytics to optimize performance, MicroStrategy World will give us all the opportunity to gain valuable information that will surely empower our future collaborations.

For more information, please check out the following links:

The “Sky’s the Limit” at MicroStrategy World 2013

Next week’s MicroStrategy World conference will include lots of valuable information and interesting people.  One session you don’t want to miss is Facebook’s Pushing MicroStrategy to the Limit, The Hacker Way, presented by Bryan Brandow, author of the popular MicroStrategy Tips &Tricks blog and other members of Facebook’s A-Team, including Jeremy Clover, author of  This session will be filled with tricks you can implement with no customization to provide a meaningful impact to your dashboards, plus some “sky’s the limit” ideas for those that are more bold.  You will see things never seen before, so be sure to arrive early for a seat in the session that everyone will be talking about.

Teradata Epic award goes to Pandera client “on the edge”!

HealthTrust Purchasing Group and HCA Information Technology and Servicesreceive prestigious Teradata Epic Award for their Pharmacy Spend Diagnostics solution, recognized for being so superlative as to be cutting-edge. This custom Pandera application has revolutionized the way HPG and its members view and manage supply chain costs. To find out more on how were changing the industry with our Enterprise Decision Automation applications, visit

Check out the TERADATA article HERE.

Computerworld’s Best of BI 2012 Award goes to…

Parallon receives prestigious Computerworld Best of BI 2012 award with the help of Pandera!

Pandera centralizes valuable information and provides Parallon executives with accessible data to make better business decisions. Pandera enhanced the analytics application with an intuitive graphical interface viewable on iPads and iPhones.

Read the article Best of BI: Parallon Business Solutions consolidates its BI data…