Decisions Matter.

Your success lies beyond analytics and business intelligence. Pandera Systems delivers more than just insight. We help organizations make better decisions.

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Success Isn’t By Chance.

We clearly define your objectives and align a customized solution, ensuring the predictability, accountability, and accuracy necessary to achieve them.

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A Clearer ROI.

It isn't that complicated – real value should be quantifiable. Pandera Systems offers realistic, measurable, and understandable ROI.

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Pandera Enterprise Decision Automation® goes beyond analytics.

Traditional Business Intelligence (BI) can't deliver on promises of improved efficiency and higher profitability. Pandera Systems provides a single platform for performance leadership and decision continuity that achieves success where others have failed.

We created Enterprise Decision Automation® to truly leverage corporate information assets.

Our innovative approach offers your company a distinct competitive advantage by integrating clients, partners, and knowledge-workers on a powerful platform that optimizes business decisioning for improved performance.

Decision automation supports the four key types of analysis:


Tells the current state of an area of interest.


Helps understand driving factors by providing simple analysis tools.


Guided tools improve understanding of data to support confident decisions.


Modules for mining complex mathematics and intricate pattern detection.

Analytics is a journey, not a destination.

We recognize every business is dynamic; requirements and conditions constantly change. Consequently, every organization has a different starting point and a unique path to maturity. There is no point at which all knowledge is acquired and all value extracted. It's a journey with limitless opportunities.